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Fabulous Feedback

I opted for the Facelift with Slimming Lab. I had sagging skin due to being very skinny and I wanted to try an alternative to Fillers. The procedure was quick with slight pain only during the process. After the treatment I felt my skin firming immediately. It’s been 6 weeks and I can honestly not believe how amazing my skin looks and feels. My wrinkles are not visible and I actually look younger. I had no downtime and no interruption on my schedule. I’m really happy with my results.
Ilse Maritz-Fraser
“I was always looking to do something about my skin texture and trying to firm and lift the lose skin after weight loss. I was very surprised that after only one session I had less lose skin and my profile changed so much. This is a fantastic treatment and I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their features”
Sonia Anderson

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How it works

Your face is front and center. There is no hiding it and we as women are so proud of our beautiful features and we love feeling self-confident. Luckily we have great Technology these days that can assist us in looking more youthful and age gracefully. This technology is FDA approved lifting the full face and the neck area.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a treatment protocol that utilizes highly focused ultrasound energy to deliver heat deep into the skin, to cause heating and tightening of the treated area. The great about HiFu is that, unlike lasers, it leaves no redness or prolonged healing following the treatment, so immediately following the treatment, no one will be able to tell that you had any treatment at all performed, and you can do you! Zero downtime and Zero signs except for fuller breasts and décolletage.

The deep tissue heating of HiFu stimulates the skin to form new collagen, which is the substance that gives structure and support. This new collagen takes some time to form after it has been stimulated by HiFu, but visible tightening is usually visible immediately after the treatment.

This is due to the direct tightening effect of the heat from the ultrasound energy. After this initial heat-induced skin tightening, the tightening effects of the new collagen will come into play and become noticeable about 8 weeks after the treatment. Further collagen formation and visible tightening continue for up to one year after your HiFu Face Lift treatment, with the majority of tightening and lifting occurring 6 months after your treatment. It is at this time, that you will notice a subtle lifting of the breasts, with more fullness in the upper portion of your bra.

Total Hair Removal 7-20 days

Treated hair will fall out after 7-20 days. We can treat any hair on the color spectrum except grey hair.

Pain-Free Experience

Our laser has a built-in cooling system which ensures a pain-free experience.

10 – 120 min Sessions

Depending on the area each session can take anything from 10 – 120 min per session.

Pain-Free Experience

Suitable for facial hair, body hair, sensitive and intimate areas.

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