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This is a non-invasive procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light to remove hair. During this procedure, the laser emits concentrated light that is absorbed by the pigment called melanin in the hair.

The light energy is converted to heat in the hair follicle, which then destroys/damages the hair follicle that produces hair. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth and removes unwanted hair resulting in hair removal.

Individual results may vary. Sessions will be 4 weeks apart.

Total Hair Removal 7-20 days

Treated hair will fall out after 7-20 days. We can treat any hair on the color spectrum except grey hair.

Pain-Free Experience

Our laser has a built-in cooling system which ensures a pain-free experience.

10 – 120 min Sessions

Depending on the area each session can take anything from 10 – 120 min per session.

Suitable for all areas

Suitable for facial hair, body hair, sensitive and intimate areas.

Monday – Friday: 9 am until 6 pm
Saturday: 8 am until 5 pm
Sunday: closed

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