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The Treatment Consists Of 1 Liposonix Sessions, 3 X SL Legend 3D Sessions, 6 X SL Shaper Sessions & 10 X SL 10D Light Therapy Sessions In 10 Weeks, Twice A Week​

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Fabulous Feedback

“I can write a book about you and my beautiful journey. I am so grateful for SlimmingLab. My self-confidence is at the highest level. The feeling that comes from within is incredible. I lost 15cm in total and I’m now working on my legs with Belinda and her team. I will definitely recommend SlimmingLab & Aesthetics to start your weight loss.”
Lebogang Prisca aka Lebo
“With the help of SlimmingLab I managed to lose a total of 20cm around my waist. A good eating plan and making sure I go for my weekly sessions made all the difference in the world. I would defnilty recoomend this for anyone who needs help with their stomach. I have a new leash on life and my self confidence is defnitly back.”
Yolandi Swannepoel
“After I had my children I could never lose my belly fat and struggled for years. I purchased my first program with SlimmingLab and I lost a total of 14cm. I am on my second package because I believe in this technology and I want to have my old figure back. And it’s possible. >What I love about this program is the fact that they focus on the total circumference which includes the love handles.”
Ralie Labuschagne

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1 x Liposonix session
3 x Slimming Legend 3D sessions
6 x Slimming shaper sessions
10 x Slimming 10D light therapy sessions In 10 weeks, twice a week

State-of-the-art Technology

The 10 Week Mommy Tummy Makeover Program Consists Out Of 1 Liposonix Sessions, 3 X SL Legend 3D Sessions, 6 X SL Shaper Sessions & 10 X SL 10D Light Therapy Sessions In 10 Weeks, Twice A Week


Liposonix is a revolutionary non-invasive body contouring treatment that offers a host of benefits for those looking to achieve a slimmer and more sculpted physique.

Using advanced high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, Liposonix targets and eliminates stubborn fat cells beneath the skin without the need for surgery or downtime. During the procedure, the HIFU energy is precisely delivered to the targeted areas, causing the fat cells to be destroyed. Over the following weeks, the body naturally eliminates these fat cells, leading to a gradual reduction in waistline circumference and overall body contour improvement.

One of the key advantages of Liposonix is its ability to precisely target problem areas, providing personalized and effective treatment for each individual. With no incisions or anesthesia required, Liposonix is a safe and comfortable option for individuals seeking to reshape their bodies and achieve a more contoured, toned appearance.

Experience the confidence-boosting benefits of Liposonix and reveal a slimmer, more sculpted you without the need for surgery.

SL Legend 3D

The Legend-3D is based on years of market research and development, it provides each client with more efficient, convenient and a safe weight loss experience. with advanced equipment and precise program control, and can provide more accurate weight loss solutions according to your personal needs and physical conditions.

At the same time, we have also fully considered the comfort and safety of the machine, so that you can enjoy the whole weight loss process with peace of mind. With this equipment we offer slimming and building muscle and body shaping brought by the perfect combination of Legend-ID focusing on RF Technology and legend-Flex MDS Technoloogy. The involuntary muscle contraction triggered by high-effiency multi-directional electric MDS is fat greater than the voluntary muscle contraction triggered by exercise, so that the stimulation through MDS, building muscle becomes a reality. How does Legend-3D work?

Focus on Temperature controllable RF Technology, layered fat melting heating Studies have shown that in the subcutaneous tissue, the absorption rate of fat to radio frequency is much higher than that of other tissues, thus creating scientific conditions for radio frequency technology to melt fat.

SL Shaper

Slimming legend integrates CET&RET RF electric heating technology and CVC technology The perfect combination has brought about a revolutionary change in facial and body treatment. What is CET&RET RF technology?

The human body is a current conductor. When CET&RET current flows through the human body, it will cause the physiological effects on the skin and muscle tissue, which will produce different therapeutic effects according to the depth.

1. When CET&RET RF is on the dermis, it mainly acts on collagen fibers and elastin fibers to stimulate collagen contraction, activate collagen cells, and achieve skin firming.

2. When CET&RET RF is on the tendon layer, it mainly acts on the muscle tissue layer. According to the biological effect of electric heating technology, it acts on human muscles to increase the temperature of deep tissues, promote blood vessel expansion, accelerate lymphatic circulation, and achieve the effect of relaxing muscles and anti-inflammatory.

3. When CET&RET RF is performed on the fat layer, the stubborn cellulite is gradually dissolved through the high-frequency diathermy characteristics of electric heating technology, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating fat, slimming and shaping. What is CVC negative pressure technology?

1. Specially designed negative pressure suction head, used for different depth of kneading massage stimulation of skin epidermis, blood vessel layer, fat layer and nervous system layer.

2. The kneading effect produced by vacuum air pressure helps increase the elasticity of skin tissue, resist stubborn fat, effectively break down and decrease stubborn fat, and convert fat into fatty acids and glycerin.

These fats are excreted through the metabolism of the lymphatic system. At the same time enhancing tissue metabolism.

SL 10D Light

Healthy Fat loss in a Safe way

As the indispensable part of human’s endocrine system, fat cells play a critical role in sensing and responding to changes in systemic energy balance and the metabolic cycle.

The Slimming Master does not kill adipose cells like liposuction does. When the adipose cells are destroyed, future fat will be stored and accumulated in other areas and may cause an asymmetric accumulation of fat.

The Slimming Master offers a new dynamic to cellulite reduction. By using the low level laser, fat cells can be shrunk. The broken down fat is utilised as energy and flushed out naturally via the body’s lymphatic system (when combined with light exercise and sufficient water intake). It is non-invasive and no side-effects have been reported What can it also it treat?

Athletic system injuries
Sports injuries, sprains
Pain relief
Knee Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthiritis
Soft tissue injuries
Recovery after an operations / wound healing

SL 10D Light Slimming Technology Treatment Information:

The Slimming Master provides a quick treatment with no downtime. Normal daily activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment. Simply lie under the laser on the front for 20 minutes and then on the back for 20 minutes

10 D Rotating green low level laser lights for fat loss
360 degree scanning over large areas
Newest pain free technology
Safe, comfortable and fast treatment
No Freezing
No Bruising
No Swelling
No Downtime

Visible results within 4 weeks!

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