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own our full range, developed to gently cater to all skin types, including sensitive skin, using a range of sustainably-sourced african ingredients and plant-identical scientific actives.


🤲🏽 mild to moderate acne-prone skin that scars easily

💧moderating oil production without stripping the skin + adding hydration and moisture

✨ evening and brightening skin tone, minimising fine lines and wrinkles

🌱 sensitive skin (always spot test and incorporate products one at a time)

⚡️ see results within 4-6 weeks


  • cleaner colada | coconut + pineapple african oil cleanser (200ml)
  • jelly splash | rooibos + aloe jelly cleanser (200ml)
  • all glow'd up | vitamin c, turmeric + ha brightening serum (40ml)
  • save our skin (sos) | peach + aloe aha/bha exfoliator (40ml)
  • créme de la cream | african mahogany everyday moisturiser (50ml)
  • the du-pont | shea butter lush moisturiser (50ml)
  • all the shade | marula tinted spf 30 (broad spectrum) moisturiser (50ml)
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